• YEAR: 2009
  • LENGTH: 27 Minuten
  • RELEASE: 13.11.2009


Astrid (Elisabeth Degen) is an artist and lives alone in Cologne. Her father Wolf (Michael Degen) lives near Cologne and suffers from senile dementia. Time and again he disappears and does random things. Astrid decides to take him in and look after him. Wolf completely disrupts Astrid's life. She hardly has any time for herself. Her life revolves around her father. He demands her full attention. On top of that, he doesn't know what to do with her art and constantly confuses her with her sister. Astrid is close to despair. Astrid's private life is practically non-existent. She doesn't even get to paint any more. By the time she has put her father to bed, she is far too exhausted and worn out. Her everyday life is accompanied by the constant monologue of Wolf's stories, which additionally gnaws at her nerves. They are stories from another time, a foreign world, which Astrid does not know and does not want to know. She just wants to paint. Astrid comes under more and more pressure. She just can't get involved with her father. The two argue and Wolf disappears to look for a woman he once knew 50 years ago. When Astrid finds him, he is wandering the streets. She tries in vain to get him to come home with her and finally joins him in looking for the woman. They do not find her, of course. But when the two of them rest a little, Astrid listens to her father properly for the first time.