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In November 2012 Sodawasser Productions was founded by Tobias Leveringhaus in Cologne as an independent film production. Behind the idea of SWP stands the vision to accompany the classic motion picture into the 21st century - only more modern, more innovative and more entertaining.

SWP develops, produces and also distributes motion pictures together with young talents. Particular emphasis is placed on the audience, for whom we even think cinema further - and thus prepare an entire industry for the future.

In 2014, SWP was founded as Sodawasser Pictures UG and expanded in 2015 to include the VoD platform "Kinoflimmern". We have been a registered cinema film distributor since 2022.

Film Distribution

We make sure that films are seen what they are made for: The big screen!

Digital Filmsales

With our own platform Kinoflimmern, we also offer filmmakers exploitation in the Long Tail.

Film Production

We produce on ourselves and are also available as co-production partners for feature films.


All this can only be achieved because we are not relying on mass goods. We love and live films.

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Act Natural

Act Natural

Director: Alice Gruia

Production: Orange Roughy Filmproduktion, eitelsonnenschein GmbH
The Dormhouse King

The Dormhouse King

Director: Marie Henin

Production: Mittwoch Film
Lisbeth, my Lisbeth

Lisbeth, my Lisbeth

Director: Frederik F. Günther

Production: Lisbeth Film Produktion

The Hills of Istanbul

Director: Ellen Rudnitzki

Production: Agîr Media
That's a wrap

That's a wrap

Director: Niclas Mehne

Production: BergFest Film
Anna und Herr Goethe

Anna and Mr Goethe

Director: Kati Thiemer

Production: CrazyKat Productions


Director: Joseph Lippok

Der Hexenrichter

Der Hexenrichter